Neslihan OzdemirWhen I was 3 years old, I fell from my aunt’s fourth floor balcony to the ground.

While everybody upstairs thought I had died, I stood up and started crying. As a crowd formed, people quickly realized I had not broken one bone; I didn’t even have any scratches on me. After that fall, all I heard, year after year, was how lucky I was to be alive. Life moved on and I eventually entered college to study engineering. After I had graduated, I moved into my own apartment and landed what I thought was my perfect job with a promising future. Life seemed great; I was kite-surfing, traveling and doing all the things in life that seemed exciting, but then I had an Aha! moment: Yes, I was definitely lucky to be alive and enjoying the rewards of my success, but I asked myself, “Is this all there is?”

neslihan ozdemirSo, what was next on the “to-do” list? I had envisioned myself getting married, buying a home, having babies.. and so on, but I would always think to myself, “Is this why I was given a second chance? What was my life’s purpose?”

So, I decided to leave my BIG comfort zone, step outside of my bubble and find my true passion. I wanted to embrace something that was rewarding and fulfilling which would ultimately lead me to my purpose in life.

In my quest for a more rewarding “me”, I developed the skill of building websites. I mastered the understanding of the use of social media and search engine optimization and I began incorporating these learnings in developing marketing campaigns and branding strategies. Strategy is monumental.

I quickly found myself helping individuals who were passionate about becoming entrepreneurs and business owners. I began helping artists achieve their goals through the use of digital media.

I found that I was making dreams come true and I became passionate about my role in their lives. I love helping people who believe in their vision and know where they want go, but need help getting there; I create that roadmap. I can build a strong bridge through the use of digital media, helping to make their vision, reality.

Stay Passionate,

Neslihan Ozdemir